Venicile Vyapari Movie Review

Venicile Vyapari Movie Review

Venicile Vyapari Review

Director: Shafi
Distributor: Playhouse
Cast : Mammootty,Kavya Madhavan,Poonam Bajwa,Suraj Venjarammoodu,Salim Kumar
Music by : Bijipal
Cinematography : Shamdat
Editing by : Manoj
Distributed by : Murali Films
Review By : Thanseer M.A /

Google IME

Many filmmakers and scenarist have problem with typing their script in Malayalam. As always Google has a solution. You can type in Manglish and can have Malayalam words. The software is available free at . Now that is a reason to party.    Cheer up.

The problems of image

Bodyguard may be the most commercially viable script, Malayalam has ever produced. Even though the script was great in commercial sense, it hadn’t filled the producer’s pocket. Why? Does he have holes in pocket? No. The answer lies in the perception about the stars and expectation of audience for that movie. Audience expected the film to be funny, but Bodyguard was not a comedy flick.

The same has happened for Venicile Vyapari, the only difference is that, the script was really, really, really mediocre.

People expected more comedy, naturally they got disappointed.  A Shafi film need not be ‘just ok’ to satisfy its viewers. If the same film was done by any other director it would have gratified the audience.


James Albert – was he a one film wonder/? Is he highly overrated?

Veniceile Vyapari’s second part was so stale, that the film hasn’t worked well with the audience.


Suraj’s numbers are not tickling the funny bones any more. Salim Kumar’s intro scenes are good, but later the comedy fades away. Kavya and Poonam were ok.

Mammooty did nothing exceptional.

Songs and BGM

Song Kannum Kannum hit the bull’s eye, while other songs weren’t as entertaining. BGM is ok.

Cameraman Shyamdat did fine work.

Like the film Sevens which used football just as an ingredient, the 70’s air is just for publicity.

People are coming for comedy. Shafi knows this more than anyone in Kerala, but he faltered. For the makers of Veniceile Vyapari this is a bad news.

Verdict This is a Johny Antony movie directed by Shafi.

 Rating : 2.75/5


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