Casanova Malayalam Movie Review

Casanova Malayalam Movie Review

Casanova Malayalam Movie Review

Directed by    :Rosshan Andrrews
Produced by    :Dr. C. J. Roy,Antony Perumbavoor
Written by        :Bobby Sanjay
Starring        :Mohanlal,Shriya Saran,Lakshmi Rai,Sanjana,Roma Asrani,Shankar
Music by        :Gopi Sundar,Alphons Joseph,Gowri Lakshmi
Cinematography    :Jim Ganesh
Editing by        :Mahesh Narayanan
Studio        :Confident Entertainment,Aashirvad Cinemas
Distributed by    :Maxlab Entertainments

Review By : Thanseer M.A /

I have high respect for Bobby Sanjay for writing one of the most thrilling Malayalam films I have ever seen – Traffic, while I don’t value their other works as much. For me Casanova is their movie. My expectation touched the sky.

The title sequence was awesome and then came the film…..

The first half was pathetic. I felt a mix of Red Chilies and Sagar alias Jacky. The movie got no heart and no memorable moments.


The director has brought all the expensive items in the world to give the film a luxurious look and the shots are fabulous. The director seems to be only interested in making this a fabulous ‘looking’ film. If this was a photo shoot all this were fine, but for a film, you need something called a story. No wonder why all producers have let this movie down. If Rrrrooossshhhhhan Andrews is given a great script he can make a good movie.


I got this uneasy feeling when I saw that the story has participation from the director too. My premonition cam true, the film fall flat and later it went downward and crashed.

Writers repeat some elements in every work unknowingly. Some consider it a trademark while others consider it weakness. When watching this film I came across many similarities that I saw in other Aashirvaad films. Is Antony Perumbavoor a writer? (Popup blocked)


Serious Lal fans will have great concern and they will be discussing among themselves about the way their star progresses.

Mohanlal hasn’t put any effort to become the character. He has acted with out the spark we saw in olden days. Apart from Chotta Mumbai, Bramaram and Pranayam which film has Lal put his earnest effort recently. The sycophantic attitude of technicians and fans are doing great harm to the actor. All his recent films are trying to use his fandom and market than his acting potential.

People promote Mohanlal out of sheer love. When you are promoting an actor even when he does something wrong, you are misguiding him. Has he created a new fan recently? His stardom though biggest is stagnant.

BGM by Gopi Sunder was fine.

Stunts and other publicity stunts

One stunt resembles an action sequence in Casino Royale (James Bond) while other action scenes were not as good.

Box office – Casanova may meet the fate of Mammootty’s Dubai.

Roshan Andrews need more h, more I and more t’s in his name to make a hit.

Verdict   Big. Beautiful. Boring

Rating : 1.5 / 5