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Thiruvathira; The Most Colourful, Ritualistic and Devotional Art Form of Kerala

This is a traditional as well as ritual based art form performed by Malayalee girls, especially Keralite women. Thiruvathirakali is a unique dance performed in Kerala on the auspicious day of Thiruvathira, the birthday of Lord Shiva. And this art form is not related to Sivarathri. It is performed by women who seek blessings for eternal marital bliss. It falls in the Malayalam month of Dhanu (December-January). As per Hindu mythology, this dance is what brought Kamadeva (God of Love) back to life
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Chakyar Koothu - Traditional A...

Koothu is an art form in which the stories of Hindu mythology and epics are orally rendered primarily with the supp
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Kerala Theyyam : The Manifesta...

More than a folklore art, Theyyam is a ritual form of worship which has been originated thousands of years ago, pro
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About Kerala Kathakali Dance H...

Kathakali, the Cultural face of Kerala While talking about the culture of Kerala, the southernmost state in Indi
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Unniyarcha at 70

Vadakara, which was a part of old Kadathanadu, is famous as the land of Kalaris. Kalari is the traditional mar
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‘Kathakali’ – The pride ...

‘Kathakali’ involves a strenuous effort behind the screens where artists have to undergone severe physi
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Koodiyattam – “One of the ...

“Koodiyattam”, a kind of traditional Sanskrit theatre performed in Kerala boasts of having a rich past
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